How could GPS positioning System(locator) can solve different problems in logistics

The scope of application of GPS positioning system is very extensive, high way patrol, there are precious cargo tracking, car alarm, electric vehicle and motorcycle theft, bank escort( money transfer) or others like Gold, dangerous goods transport, vehicle management relates to the enterprise.

Especially in recent years, the development of the logistics industry rapidly, some problems in the industry highlights exposed: orders lost, damaged goods or mistakes, not very good source of car scheduling using another serious phenomenon, this kind of problem can help improve the GPS vehicle positioning system.

The GPS positioning system consists of two parts: GPS positioning terminal and positioning monitoring platform.

  • GPS terminal is the front-end equipment of vehicle monitoring and management system, which is installed in all kinds of vehicles.

The electronic map of the monitoring center can display the visual position of the vehicle and monitor and control the vehicle through the wireless network. At the same time, the monitoring center can realize real-time, centralized and intuitive monitoring and dispatch command for the controllable range of operating vehicles


The GPS positioning system can be implemented by tracking and controlling the vehicle:

  • to realize the transparency of the logistics process, the completion of the distribution of goods security, to solve the traditional logistics “goods issued, nothing knows” situation.
  • to solve the problem of logistics scheduling and management, keep abreast of the status of each vehicle, the operation level of the logistics enterprise and the ability of vehicle monitoring to be improved.
  • personnel management, scheduling more convenient, the whole journey record itinerary, to avoid the bus private, pull private activities, random claims and other phenomena.

The advantages of installing locators are the following:

  • real-time positioning, you can always check the vehicle trajectory, although the vehicle was stolen, you can return the vehicle through the track.
  • compared to the old version of the car anti-theft device, the current GPS locator can monitor the vehicle through mobile intelligent monitoring, is undoubtedly a qualitative leap in the GPS industry.
  • after the car was stolen, you can use the mobile phone or computer platform for vehicle oil, electricity, Anti-theft plus monitoring, open the smart car life.
  • of enterprises to reduce more spending and more conducive to the management company, often a handful of employees often carts, fiddling expenses led to the enterprise unnecessary expenses, but also can be a positive assessment of the staff of the company, to speak.

source :

Click to access WG-IV-8-5.pdf


Everyone experience long lines at airports: at the check-in counter, the departure gate, and in boarding a booked flight, but even after we are already buckled in our seats, the waiting may continue — when a plane leaves the gate, the queus continue for the airplane before departure and  after our queues theory class, I wonder if the theory can be apply to the runway queues.

After searching I found about a queuing model developed by MIT that predicts how long a plane will wait before takeoff, given weather conditions, runway traffic, and incoming and outgoing flight schedules. The model may help air traffic controllers direct departures more efficiently, minimizing runway congestion. For example, if a controller knows that a plane is unlikely to take off for half an hour, he may choose to keep the plane at the gate to avoid contributing to runway backups.

Queuing theory include several characteristics like arrival pattern of customers, service patter of servers, queue discipline, system capacity, number of service channels and number of service stages.

The conclusion of the class was that queus grow due to variability and not disappear due to utilization, analyzing the runway queues we can see that almost all characteristics can be control. For example, arrival pattern of customers, in this case airplanes can be control when are they supposed to depart, the queue discipline its also control, the number of service channels it’s the only characteristic that cannot be modified in a short period, the departure runway are usually one or two for all the planes, and they have to manage to organize all the departure and landing towards the airport runway capacity.

Although, the queuing theory can be applied to this case, in my opinion this queue is much more complex not only the departure but the air traffic queues, there have been many accidents because of human error in the control towers and one error can cause possible deaths. Even though it would be interesting to know how exactly they manage such complex air traffic and queues control of the airports…


Maybe we can have visit the airport control tower? 😛


MIT Model –>


Wine logistics and transportation

Have you ever thought in the relation between the wine sector and the logistics?. Let me show you how the wine industry and logistics are intimately related. The transport of wine is part of the supply chain that includes: the vineyard, distribution, storage and transport. The evolution in wine transportation methods is generating that more longer and international routes can be made.

Like most of the cases related to the transport of food, the transport of wine needs to fulfill a series of characteristics. In particular, this liquid is sensitive to changes in temperature. The heat is a factor that especially worries all the participants in the logistics chain. The quality of the wine can be seriously affected if the proper temperature is not maintained, especially when long trips are made. In general, the transport of this merchandise is done with trucks that allow the control of the temperature.


On the other hand, packaged wine acquires another peculiarity: the danger of breakage. In general, this product is usually bottled in glass containers, although there are other possibilities such as plastic, that reduces the risk of breakage. To avoid this problem, numerous containers have been developed in order to solve this risk factor. Some of the proposed solutions are:

  • Development of bottle containers with mounting systems and screw clamping. In this way, the container can be set.
  • Filling of the gaps that occur between the pallets. It is intended to avoid movement in the goods and inclinations that may occur in transport.
  • Installation of modular roller systems to move the loads. Sliding platforms are generated that facilitate the loading and unloading of merchandise.
  • Use of adapted boxes, with special reinforcements and air cameras between bottles to prevent breakage.

Stock exchange

Have you considered investing in the stock market, but don’t even know where to start? Are you interested in the stock market, but do you think it’s complicated and inaccessible?

First of all, it should be noted that the income of the Stock Exchange is generated mainly in two ways: by buying shares in a company and selling them when their price rises (which we call capital gains), or through dividends, which are the profits that companies distribute among their shareholders.

Secondly, although in the long term the stock market may be a very profitable investment, it must be well known and operated with criteria; we must not forget that it is an investment in equities, either upwards or downwards. It is not possible to know in advance the profitability of a share, so it is advisable to invest only the amount that we will not need in the short term, and that you set your limits. It may happen that, when you sell, you get a lower price for your shares than you paid for them.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that the profits obtained on the stock exchange are taxable. If you keep your investment for more than one year, the profit will not be subject to withholding and will be recorded at 21%. If, on the other hand, these profits have been generated in less than a year, they will be added to the income from work and will be taxed at the corresponding rate. In addition, after the first 1,500 euros, dividends will also be taxed at 21%. This taxation is for the Common Territory, since the Haciendas Forales have another percentage of taxation.


Amazon has created a new way to replenish your home products, now you don’t need to go to the supermarket and buy them, you just have to press a button located near to the product you want to replenish and then it is directly bought by Amazon Prim and delivered in your home 24 hours later.

This button is associated with a Prime product from the Amazon catalog and is connected to home Wi-Fi, so that when you press it, a purchase of that product is automatically generated, which you can have the next day in your house thanks to the Amazon Prime one day delivery.

For more information you can take a look to the web page:

Below you can see the promo video of Spain:


Crazy processing machine| Hydroponics Factory

While I was watching videos on YouTube, I saw a wonderful video about hydroponics factory. I really enjoyed watching it. It’s about hydroponic greenhouse farm specializing in the farming of an exotic vegetable variety. Plants are grown till they are ready to be picked. Production lasts on average between 8-9 months. During that time, the vegetables are consistently being produced. When ripe, they are picked and sorted by machine and hand, and then packaged in different boxes and containers. Once packaged, the product may be held in a refrigerated area or shipped immediately.

The packaging and shipments were carried out manually at the customer location, reporting had been manual too. With a great dependence on excel. The manager of this factory decided to do two things first he used a software solution that tracked the packing of produce as well as the shipments.

This software solution was a barcode-based and utilized to track the produce throughout the sorting, packing, storing & shipping processes. A mobile-based component manages field data activities. And also, for the payment management. This makes it easier for them to isolate dues as well as tracking of invoices. This software helps the customer to achieve streamlining and efficiency in operations.

In addition to, they used a fully automated Hydroponics system which was a smart machine for the whole system this was a really crazy innovation technology of plants growth till ready to be picked, and shipment at the same time they offer a good condition for this plant. these machines do the whole process without the need for employees help. By using these machines, they minimize the labor cost, also they have more production now than before. Thanks for the technology its really change the world.

maxresdefault (1)

I want to share the video with you, its 12 minutes but it’s worth watching.

Trying to find sense to the queues

This week has been San Jordi and in Barcelona the celebration of “the day of the book” brought together many people with the intention of buying roses and books to give away, and at the same time to meet many writers. It caught my attention to see that in front of the booths of some writers there were hardly any people to sign a book and, instead, in front of others there were long queues. The reason was clear, the long lines were in front of the most popular authors currently .The waiting time for these queues was more than one hour; but people endured them because the weather was good, the atmosphere was pleasant and they were distracted by seeing what was going on around them.

For me queuing is an ordeal because I consider it a waste of time. But queuing is part of our daily life. For this reason I consider that the management that a company makes its queues is an important factor to determine the satisfaction that the client has of that company. It’s about winning customers, not losing them. The changes in the structure of the queues that allow the customer to perceive that time passes faster, will undoubtedly favor a company to obtain more customers. With the implementation of basic and elementary actions, the queues can be reduced.

An elementary action consists in the placement of counters that must be strategic and proportional to the type of trade and the service it offers. Another key that speeds up the waiting time is to organize the queue in a single row where customers are placed in order of arrival to it and when the turn comes they will go to the box that is available (this system gives the user the feeling of which the tail progresses quickly). It is also interesting to implement a shift management system based on the service that is to be received and which causes employees to be more operational. It is also interesting to use devices to keep customers informed of the waiting time or divide it into different phases that keep them entertained. Another action that works in many places is the previous appointment, which allows distributing the waiting times. But there is no doubt that distractions are keys while queuing up. In order to do this, establishing an online merchandising along the queue, is the most effective way to distract the customer, while increasing sales: shelves with products labeled in large numbers, video screens … The waiting lines will be places of information and entertainment for customers.

As we have just seen, the process can be streamline, reduce times and costs, and increase profits. As the saying goes “time is money” because it is an increasingly valuable resource. Hence the need to effectively manage the queuing and waiting system.

I’m sure many of you will feel identified with this video.