Delivery to any place, at any time

Quite often I do online shopping but one thing that annoys me a lot in a home delivering system in Valencia is the absence of telephone notifications. In all the countries where I lived before, couriers always called in advance to confirm the time when you stay at home in order not to waste his own time and a client’s but in Spain, it seems like the couriers expect people to stay home the whole day just waiting for them. I am sorry but it is a bit ponderous topic J So the other day on the Internet I stumbled upon this device and thought that it would facilitate my life significantly.

Consumers want to have an option of receiving their deliver at any time and to any destination. Nowadays customers have an increasing number of service options, many of which are tied to new technologies.

Automated closets for receiving orders simplify the process of picking the parcel and provides a buyer with an opportunity to do it 24/7. For example, DHL invented a special automated postal station in Germany. This convenient solution is now available in more than 2,000 locations throughout the country.

This innovative concept with the postamates has reached a more personalized level, and now every buyer can have such a box at home. Located next to the buyer’s house, the postmat is convenient for delivery and parcel picking.


One of the latest innovation is the delivery of parcels in the trunk of a car. Using the mobile application, a courier gets the exact location of the car along with the access code to the buyer’s trunk. already offers this service in Singapore, DHL, Amazon, as well as Audi and Volvo have launched pilot projects to deliver orders to the trunk of a car in Germany and Sweden, respectively. In addition, individual orders (in particular, heavy goods) can be delivered directly to the client’s house or garage. This requires installing the Internet of Things application, which gives access to the opening of locks and doors.

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