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Means used to deliver services
Of course, this steamers, along with some steam machines and this beside the people walking on .. In 1915 the company has become “four cars steam … Five motorcycles …. 20 man walks on foot ”
After the company became active in areas other than the city of Style only, in 1919 the name of the company had to be renamed “United Parcel Service” and the quality of service was the basis of the company and the key to the continuation of success. This new name also came to emphasize that UBS is a short or famous name for United Parcel Service
UPS is now an international company with branches all over the world that deliver goods and parcels to customers and have expanded to become the fastest-moving aircraft carrier. Today, UPS has the world’s largest fleet, with its fleet taking 8th place in size The number of aircraft “237 aircraft” .. The countries that serve it has reached 220 countries … The shipments that connect them amounted to about 15 million shipments per day.



“Machines that build machines”

Exactly, “machines that build machines”, the Gigafactory of Tesla and Panasonic, located in Sparks Nevada, EEUU and operating since 2014. 

It is being built in phases, in order to produce as the construction proceeds and obtain better yields. The facilities of this factory, occupy 180 thousand square meters and 492 thousand square meters of functional space in various heights. The construction is 30% completed, producing the main 3 and Y models of Tesla cars. But at the end of construction is expected to produce 500,000 batteries for for different models of electric cars.

It will be be the largest building in the world, looking to reduce the environmental impact with self-sufficient energetically through solar panels, windmills, and geothermal systems.

 Elon Musk’s (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company) believes that electric vehicles must be produced in large volumes in order to reduce costs, this production must be located in the continent where the consumers are.

 Here is the video of this amazing building, ¡Enjoy it!


In today’s economy, e commerce has become a point to consider for every business. Step by step it has started to be a necessity for every new organization as small or big as it might be. It is because of this that is so important to find and choose the right supplier for your deliveries, as a sender or a receiver.

First of all is to finde someone with a good reputation. As in any other service, your history with your clients makes you a name and generates expectations and hope among new customers.

Next is to be completely aware of your own necesites . This is the most important part in order to make a decition. With this in mind you can actually match your expectations with the service offer for each supplier. Do you need to get something fast, or maybe have a special delivering? Can you wait at home or need to have some flexibility?

Quality before price. Make a complete research about the service reviews of the possible vendors. Review terms and coditions, devolution process, customer satisfaction, etc. When managing or expecting deliveries most of the time it is better to pay a little bit extra for that extra service.

All of this translate in satisfaction for you. To have your packages in time (your time of choosing) at the right place (your place of choosing), making your life easier, at a reasonable price for you, your needs and expectations.

Amazon New Robots to deliver parcels and goods without human intervention


Amazon has announced new self-driving robots, and revealed that six of these robots will deliver the packages to customers in a neighborhood in Sinohomish County, Washington. Support each six-wheeled robot to be able to walk easily, and provided with powerful batteries, to be able to deliver packets independently.
Amazon confirmed that urban or suburban residents would not have to worry about colliding with the robot on the street.

Each robot supports a door to make it easier for users to open it to remove their own package. It is not clear how robots check user identity, but other independent delivery robots require users to enter code on the robot’s touch screen first before they can get their package or Their goods.

Currently, scouting robots will deliver the packages from Monday to Friday during the day, said Sean Scott, vice president of the company through the official blog.

The way they work now is that these devices will follow their delivery path independently, but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee. We developed the robot in our R & D laboratory in Seattle to ensure safe and efficient mobility around pets, pedestrians and anything else in sight. . And to provide greater sustainability and convenience to customer delivery.


Logistics and other Alternative


In addition, the logistics system achieves global efficiency in both on-time delivery (JIT) and global quality components.No doubt, all of these features of the logistics will create an unconventional advantage that can be called the Logistics Advantage, a feature that makes the commodity competitive in global markets.
1) Importance of logistics:
Logistics activities include 14 activities, including transportation. Statistics indicate that transport logistics costs alone account for about 10.5% of the world production cost.
It was considered that developing countries, including the Arab Group, had no interest in logistics, nor was there a precise study of the cost of logistics for foreign trade in any of these countries. Therefore, a significant rise in the cost of producing goods and services in these countries As a result of the physical and human return of the products of these countries, which is losing them competitiveness in the global markets.
2) Total quality as a tool of logistics:
Quality is a cornerstone of the logistics process, and the close relationship between logistics and quality has a long-term economic impact.
3) Logistics feature:
What is important here is how to create the logistical advantage through the logistics chain by controlling costs in all 14 cycles by regulating the productivity of the equipment and eliminating the material and temporal yield, and the administrative, documentary and legal procedures required, which reduces the cost Production to 50%.

4) Relationship of logistics advantage to competitive advantage:
Porter’s theory of “comparative advantage” was considered a substitute for the theory of comparative advantage. The study concluded that the “logistic advantage” is not the “competitive advantage”. It is the alternative to Ricardo’s comparative advantage theory based on The Logistics Value Chain is the only one that can create logistics value in a way that coordinates supply and demand. It controls the flow of internal and external materials, so that we get the commodity in the right quantities, in the right place, in a timely manner and at the right cost.

The underestimation of the influence of the supply chain on customer experience

In my last post, I wrote about the advantages of outsourcing logistic services to Third Party Logistics Service providers (3PLs) and the extra value that is created for customers.As my professor said, outsourcing logistics services is a very intelligent decision in many cases. 
But companies need to do this carefully andnot underestimate the influence of the supply chain on the customer experience.

For example, especially online shops often outsource logistics to 3PLs. The influence of the logistics chain in the customer experience is often underestimated. It is no that much about the client getting his goods fast, complete and undamaged. This is obligatory nowadays!

The big challenges for both company and 3PL are for example that the status-mails of the shipping company appears in the corporate design of the retailer, when the packaging has the same design frames as the shop and also the invoice. The client should be sure at every point of time that he is in direct contact with the retailer.

Of course, the details of the interaction depend on the business model of the retailer: For example, clients who order perfumes online attach more importance to an elegant packaging than those who buy washing machines. For these clients, it is more important that the machine is delivered in time, without any damage and that the shipping company takes the packaging and the old machine with them.

Another aspect that is underestimated about outsourcing is the danger of losing the contact with the clients. Only the companies that are doing the picking and consignment by themselves, can always be sure how the package is going to the clients. If such processes are outsourced to 3PLs, exact agreements with the 3PLs about packaging, filling, documents and attachments have to be done and the compliance with them has to be tracked in order to avoid failures as in the picture.

The same is important for communication that accompanies the shipping. If the shipping is outsourced, a good reporting is essential. If not, criticism about too long lead times, unclear invoices or bad support never gets to the retailer itself.

In order to make sure that a good customer experience is maintained, even if logistics services are outsourced to 3PLs, a company can undertake certain measures like agreeing on exact contract with 3PLs and conducting blind test orders.


Most of us known that today is a very important day for Spain, because it’s Spanish election year, we are going to chose our new president, who will represent us for the next four years. These process has a tremendous logistics to organize everything, and sometimes people are not focused in how important all of these is.


The government delegation in the CV has prepare all the logistics devices in all the “electoral schools”, so everything is ready today for the citizens who have been elected to stay in the “electoral schools” to go to the school and open the doors, starting in that way the Electoral process.

There lot’s of things to have in consideration, in Valencia there are 3 million 657 thousand of people that are going to vote, these takes lots of issues in consideration, from the one point tables, booths, ballot boxes, ballots and envelopes are really important to ensure that everything proceeds with absolute normality. And from the other hand national police, regional police, civil guard and local police will be more than 11 thousand in CV.


The Sub-secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Isabel Goicochea, explained that the electoral bugged has been divided into four parts: Public administration, electoral logistics, postal operator and dissemination of official scrutiny and telecommunications. The total amount of money that has been expended amount to 138.961.516,72 euros.

In the following link we can find a video that explains the distribution of the budget for the General Elections: