Logistics inside tourism

Have you ever think about how the logistics affect the tourism sector and vice versa? As we all know since february thanks to this subject, all the sectors and things in this world are related with logistics, in this post I pretend to explain on which way the logistics and the tourism are related.

The logistic activities in the tourism companies contribute to the improvement in the experience and satisfaction of customers, workers, businessmen, suppliers and community, where tourism activity is developed, constituting an effective business management tool, adding value to tourism.

The logistics discipline in tourism aims to support the main activities of the sector. In the case of tourism companies, it is about providing services that complement the main activities such as a hotel, whose essential function is to host tourists; a restaurant, whose basic function is to produce food and serve them; a travel agency, provide tourism packages and excursions to attractive places and transport, among other types of companies.

Resultado de imagen de tourism logistics

This industry presents the characteristic of being highly sensitive to various variables: it is dependent on the economic, social situation, health crises and natural disasters. Therefore, each activity must be planned in advance, then once it is in development, it is difficult to solve a problem that could be detected in advance.

The relationship between tourism and logistics is basically focused on provisioning, supply and provision activities, activities that are reflected in the transportation of passengers, food, accommodation and material support to tourism programs, being fundamental to consider them when planning and organize a tourist activity or event. The elements of logistics can be organized into a single system adapted to each event, allowing the order and supply of consumers, products and facilities, seeking to act in favor of the environment, communication and its needs. Tourism activity has three well-defined phases: a beginning, a development and an end. Each of these phases has its particularities, where logistics intervenes in each case in particular.

Both logistics and tourism are based on the same premise: the generation of promises materialized in customer satisfaction, where the service must be at the right time, in the right place and in the right quality.

The development of tourism involves understanding and relating both disciplines by the tourist entrepreneur. The deep knowledge of each one of the logistic processes in search of its perfection, culminates in the organizational strategy and in the consequent competitive advantage.


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