IKEA DORTMUND: Europe’s Warehouse

The world’s largest distribution centre of IKEA is located in the surroundings of Dortmund in Germany. It covers a total area of 135 hectares – larger than 200 football pitches. It houses approx. 800.000 palette spaces in fully automatic, high-bay warehouses. Products are shipped from here to all Ikea furniture shops in Europe.

IKEA wants to doble its revenues by 2020 and one key challenge builds the distribution. Accompanied by the success of e-commerce, customers gets more and more demanding referred to short-time delivery, ordering via any technical device and from any location. Now the distribution center in Dortmund fulfils up to 50.00 orders per day.

Link to PapeleriaDotCom Picking Class: Automated Warehouse

Please have a quick look at the following video, from 1:16 to 3:13 :

  • The warehouse uses “normal” shelves with pallets on, in the hight of round about 30 meters. There is no carousel or any conveyor involved in the picking process.
  • As you can see in the video, they work with fully automated fork lift trucks using the whole aisle that are connected with a server (which you can see at the end of the video).

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