Why 1L milk packages have square shape and 1,5 L milk packages have circular shape? The latter has only 0,5 liters more and the shape is different, which is the reason? But the shape is not the only difference, the square shape packages are made of paper-based material and the other ones of plastic material.

For the contrary, in the case of juices all are saved in paper square packages, independently if they have 1 or 1.5 L. Maybe the reason why all of them are in square shapes is because this way is cheaper and the material of this kind of packages are suitable for a good conservation of the juice.

But then we can ask ourselves, depending on the amount of milk, Does the method of preservation is different? It has no sense, so, maybe the reason is simply aesthetic or one way to quickly differentiate one size from another.

Also exists other types of milk packages such as transparent glass bottles, for natural milk which needs to be consumed quickly, and plastic bags, which are used in other countries. You can see the plastic bag packaging process in the next video:

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