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How could GPS positioning System(locator) can solve different problems in logistics

The scope of application of GPS positioning system is very extensive, high way patrol, there are precious cargo tracking, car alarm, electric vehicle and motorcycle theft, bank escort( money transfer) or others like Gold, dangerous goods transport, vehicle management relates to the enterprise.

Especially in recent years, the development of the logistics industry rapidly, some problems in the industry highlights exposed: orders lost, damaged goods or mistakes, not very good source of car scheduling using another serious phenomenon, this kind of problem can help improve the GPS vehicle positioning system.

The GPS positioning system consists of two parts: GPS positioning terminal and positioning monitoring platform.

  • GPS terminal is the front-end equipment of vehicle monitoring and management system, which is installed in all kinds of vehicles.

The electronic map of the monitoring center can display the visual position of the vehicle and monitor and control the vehicle through the wireless network. At the same time, the monitoring center can realize real-time, centralized and intuitive monitoring and dispatch command for the controllable range of operating vehicles


The GPS positioning system can be implemented by tracking and controlling the vehicle:

  • to realize the transparency of the logistics process, the completion of the distribution of goods security, to solve the traditional logistics “goods issued, nothing knows” situation.
  • to solve the problem of logistics scheduling and management, keep abreast of the status of each vehicle, the operation level of the logistics enterprise and the ability of vehicle monitoring to be improved.
  • personnel management, scheduling more convenient, the whole journey record itinerary, to avoid the bus private, pull private activities, random claims and other phenomena.

The advantages of installing locators are the following:

  • real-time positioning, you can always check the vehicle trajectory, although the vehicle was stolen, you can return the vehicle through the track.
  • compared to the old version of the car anti-theft device, the current GPS locator can monitor the vehicle through mobile intelligent monitoring, is undoubtedly a qualitative leap in the GPS industry.
  • after the car was stolen, you can use the mobile phone or computer platform for vehicle oil, electricity, Anti-theft plus monitoring, open the smart car life.
  • of enterprises to reduce more spending and more conducive to the management company, often a handful of employees often carts, fiddling expenses led to the enterprise unnecessary expenses, but also can be a positive assessment of the staff of the company, to speak.

source :

Click to access WG-IV-8-5.pdf

Crazy processing machine| Hydroponics Factory

While I was watching videos on YouTube, I saw a wonderful video about hydroponics factory. I really enjoyed watching it. It’s about hydroponic greenhouse farm specializing in the farming of an exotic vegetable variety. Plants are grown till they are ready to be picked. Production lasts on average between 8-9 months. During that time, the vegetables are consistently being produced. When ripe, they are picked and sorted by machine and hand, and then packaged in different boxes and containers. Once packaged, the product may be held in a refrigerated area or shipped immediately.

The packaging and shipments were carried out manually at the customer location, reporting had been manual too. With a great dependence on excel. The manager of this factory decided to do two things first he used a software solution that tracked the packing of produce as well as the shipments.

This software solution was a barcode-based and utilized to track the produce throughout the sorting, packing, storing & shipping processes. A mobile-based component manages field data activities. And also, for the payment management. This makes it easier for them to isolate dues as well as tracking of invoices. This software helps the customer to achieve streamlining and efficiency in operations.

In addition to, they used a fully automated Hydroponics system which was a smart machine for the whole system this was a really crazy innovation technology of plants growth till ready to be picked, and shipment at the same time they offer a good condition for this plant. these machines do the whole process without the need for employees help. By using these machines, they minimize the labor cost, also they have more production now than before. Thanks for the technology its really change the world.

maxresdefault (1)

I want to share the video with you, its 12 minutes but it’s worth watching.

Queuing management system in banks

the diferentiate between banking

In our last class, we were talking about queues system, Queues or waiting lines is a general phenomenon in everyday life, queues are usually seen at post offices, bus stops, hospitals, bank.

In the banking sector or any business sector the managers trying to improve the customer satisfaction by offering the better service. Every customer waits to be served according to the length of the queue.

In the retail banking industry, queuing remains one of the most common reasons for customer disgust. Despite technological advances such as online and mobile banking, customers still complain about their bank. In general, the bank estimates it serves about 150 customers per day, customers are served in the order they arrive at the bank, the time difference between serving customers. Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for banks, it’s a big alarm sign for banks and also for the customers, the 24-hr ATM banking facility is limited in the range of services bank customers can avail of.

Queuing management systems are intelligently designed to meet the customer banking needs. Queue system offers a wide range of applications from a single line queue system to multiple lines queuing systems and allow the bank to cater wide banking services.  customer enter the virtual queue line the moment they take a ticket using a self-service kiosk, once their ticket number reaches the teller, the customer is intimated using digital signage solutions allowing them to approach the specific counter. This advanced queuing system frees customer from waiting in long queues and creates a much pleasant and favorable environment whereby the user/customer can indulge in impulse buying.

when I was working in a bank I heard a lot of customers complaints about the queuing lines, they tried to solve this problem:

  • by Added cash withdrawal commission if the customer wants to withdraw cash, to encourage the customers using ATM machines to reduce the number of customers in queues waiting for the services, also the customer mobile applications enables the customers to use most of the online services.
  • In addition open the branches in the weekend, about 5 hours in a day but in my opinion,  it wasn’t a good solution especially for the employees because they need a rest in the weekend not to work too much, in addition to that they didn’t serve all type of services in that day so it’s not a perfect solution to minimize the number of customers in queues.  hence, I want to add some comparison between Spanish banks especially Valencia and Palestine banks from my previous experience and point of view that related directly to the queuing system.
  Palestine banks Spanish banks
Working hours One shift from 8:00 AM – 4:00 Pm Two shifts morning and afternoon.
Branches One branch- two branches maximum each city More than 10 branches
ATM machines Limited between 3 ATM machines in large countries Widely spread
Online system Limited service online Almost all services can be done online even the loan
Branch services Because there are limited to branches, they offer all services in one place Every branch specializes in one-two services.
Using queuing management systems (by tickets) Available Available

All these factors are affected by the queueing system especially in banking sectors, such as limited hours, limited online services and limited spread of ATM machines.


SaraMax Apparel Group after using Pick to light system

First, I would start to define the Order picking operations:

picking order operation

In the last class, we were talking about the picking order systems such as pick to light and voice picking I would like to mention the pick to light automotive system uses in most of the companies especially big companies.

The benefit of paperless is to increase the productivity, near 100% accuracy, labor optimization, real-time data available, and the elimination of redundant tasks (paper list, order checking), in addition to Rapid training hours, not weeks.

Pick to light system:

The pick to light system is simple, each pick location on a flow rack, shelving unit and pallet rack or other storing location system.  is mounted with a light display module to indicate the number of units to be picked whenever the product is needed from a location .as each item is picked, it can be confirmed as complete or marked as incomplete notifying the host server of a stock out condition. The order is automatically updated with what has been picked fully and what must be back ordered, the instant feedback from pick to light can drive real-time inventory systems and this information can be used to automatically drive stock replenishment to the picking area as minimum stock levels are reached.

pick-to-light system

The companies install pick to light system when they want an accurate and fast picking to be performed. I saw an excellent example of this system in Saramax Apparel Group they manufacture clothing garments. The company offers loungewear, sleepwear, infant layettes, undergarments, and kids apparel, they are a fully functioning warehouse, shipping, receiving, they use the production area to package and repackaging. They were facing many problems in the picking area and they use the Pick to light system; the new system provides Saramax with all the pick location required The solution has increased operational efficiency, added capacity, performance, visibility, and control, for example, the system shows how many pieces should the operator takes, and when the operators press the button then he/she finish picking. after picking.

Once the person is trained to use the system, usually in less than half an hour, individual picking productivity and accuracy is improved sustainability over that found in traditional paper-based operations.




In my last visit to Ikea I saw their unique packaging in the warehouse bins and reserve racks, all Ikea furniture’s are designed in pieces for the customers to assemble, these pieces are placed into convenient and efficient flat packages for low-cost transport because they take up less room in trucks and maximizing the number of products that can be shipped. Their unique packaging takes up less space in warehouses and allowing for more room to stock additional items for order fulfillment

Using IKEA’s proprietary inventory system, logistics managers know what is sold through point-of-sale (POS) data and how much inventory comes into the store through direct shipping and from distribution centers through warehouse management system data. From these data, they can forecast sales for the next couple of days and order in the suitable number of products to meet that demand. If the sales data doesn’t match the projected number of items that should have been sold that day, the logistics manager goes directly to the pallet and bin to manually count the product stock. inventory is let down to the lower slots at night ( forklifts and pallet jacks are not used during store hours for safety reasons).

Every Ikea store has their inside warehouse for securing stock, that the customers can find their products and items. Ikea wants as much self- service as possible it works to minimize the number of items in this bulk storage area. After finish selecting all the items and write down the number of items on a small paper they can go and browse where the furniture is.  every item in the store has a unique code, from this code the customer can easily locate their products in IKEA warehouse from the floor pallet location with racking and then purchased and taken home. in addition, they put recommendations on each shelves to help their customers putting their selectin items in the cart to save more space and to carry it easily.  additional products are stored in reserve racks above these locations.


In Furniture manufacturing companies when someone selects a piece of furniture to buy, the items are ordered, shipped from the manufacturer, moved from the delivery truck into storage in the warehouse, moved from the warehouse to customer’s vehicle or delivered by the furniture retailer to the customers home, every time the product is shipped, moved and loaded it costs money. Ikea saves costs in their policy the fewer times someone moves or touches the item, the fewer costs are associated.




During the last lesson of Logistics, we were talking about the warehouse design and store types of equipment for example (floor storage, Conventional Racking, Drive in Drive through, live storage, mobile racking) while designing the warehouse We must take into consideration the size, and height of the warehouses. And, we talked about the Material Handling Equipment’s need it to hold the products like forklift truck, Trilateral Forklift Retractable Forklift. The main objective of design the warehouses is to improve and achieve the level of service that the company expects to deliver to their customer. Also trying to minimize the operating costs.

Yesterday we visited Delikia company in Gandia, we enjoyed our visiting. The employees there were very helpful, and they explained to us how they are doing their work and the secret of their success. Their job is offering an excellent service with the fresh and top-quality of products, they offer Snacks, Coffee, cold drinks, fresh fruits, and sandwiches are the main products they serve. The presence of a highly-qualified technical team helps in solving problems that may arise and prevents possible failure in machines which are the contact interface with clients. Their customers, when facing a problem using these machines, can easily contact them by emails, WhatsApp, website, social networks or calling them by phones.

While visiting their main headquarter in Gandia and passing through the warehouse, we have seen that they use Pallet Racking systems for storing the products such as water bottles, cold drinks, juices… etc.  Each unit loaded has its location. This makes it easy to control, besides that it’s the most widely used in pallet storage systems especially when there are not enough spaces to store the products, there are 2 doors in the warehouse the first one for move in the product and the second for move out. they use the conveyor on the shelves to make it easy for moving the products first in, first out, in addition to cold rooms for foods which need specific conditions of temperature for storage. They use refrigerated Vans to save the food while transferring them to all the machines in the areas. The material handling equipment uses to move the products from the Van to their Machines is Pallet Jack.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-24 at 4.58.47 PM

Their food production factory is located in Madrid and they have a big logistics center for distribution through all Spain.Nowadays, they are establishing their new warehouse for food preparation in Gandia to make it easy to distribute for the valencian region and nearby areas.

this video will explain briefly the process of Delikia

Granier bakery chain



One of my favorite bakery shop in Valencia is Garnier, when you enter the shop and smell the bread you will see the shelves fresh bread, golden and crunchy. They care about their customers and offer the highest quality and the best prices. They have a large network of franchises with which to reach all people in all places and all the time 

Granier has more than 350 bakeries all around Spain with 4 product families: bakery, pastries, coffee shop, pastry shop. The company with solid experience in the bakery and that differentiate them from the competition by not using precooked bread, their manufacturing processes its long fermentation in the bakery and its elaboration in the store. The brand is committed to constant innovation and international expansion with a presence in countries such as the United States, Portugal, London, and Italy.

They make more than 50 types of pieces of bread with traditional recipes in 3 production factories located in Catalonia, Madrid, and the Canary Islands without manual labor and with the help of large bread machines.  in addition to Euro pastry plant (which manufactures croissants and pastries), with more than 11.000 m2 of facilities and their own logistics that cater to more than 350 stores.

They prepared the bread in the factories and put them on a pallet rack in storage areas and then the Bread is distributed to shops by transport trucks to be baked there, as well as the desserts.

If you walk in the morning you will find all the shops closed except one Granier from 4 o’clock in the morning all the employees start working in this shop. And suddenly you may find a Small Van Stop in front of the shop, they carry all baked bread and dessert to the shop. they start heating and baked the bread inside the shop before they opened. they put the precooked bread in the oven one behind the other, in less than 30 minutes they finish all the baking. When everything is ready they start purchasing the bread to the customers. There are no waiters only the workers behind the counter in addition to customers service alone.


In the store they arrange the bread in a remarkable way on the shelves in front of the customers, to make it easy for them to choose bread they need and to see all the types. and because the desserts And Croissants are smaller in sizes they put them in shop windows, and always have offers.

In this video, you will find something interesting about Granier until minute 3: 00.

Dynamic Inventory Control, and DHL supply chain solution



The purpose of logistics management is to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time and tries to account every conceivable contingency that could impact this delivery to the final customer.

DHL solutions design team offers a wide portfolio of experience and support, from logistics network strategy, transport design, warehouse design, and simulation, to operational improvement and inventory analysis.

For one leading international automaker, increasing the efficiency of inbound-to-manufacturing materials flow was the fundamental step in driving peak production performance. And with all the parts that go into a single vehicle, there was no room for a single stumble. DHL had developed a supplier integration system to meet just these kinds of challenges

Dynamic Inventory Control

Automotive manufacturing is a well-planned athletic competition. Every player needs to be designed and executed flawlessly by each member of the team. For one leading international automaker, increasing the efficiency of inbound-to-manufacturing materials flow was the fundamental step in driving peak production performance. And with all the parts that go into a single vehicle, there was no room for a single stumble.

DHL supply chain solution

Fortunately for this company, DHL Supply Chain had developed a supplier integration system to meet just these kinds of challenges. The system is a specialized in-house IT platform that supports common manufacturing operations — such as delivery sequencing, metering, and replenishment of open-bin supplies — for inbound-to-manufacturing automotive environments

DHL Supply Chain worked closely with the customer to implement a tailor-made, web-based supplier integration system. It links all of the company’s global supply chain partners into a flexible, real-time production schedule that streamlines information flow and reduces waste.

With support and training at both the implementation and ongoing operation stages, the system provides much-needed visibility and inventory control.

 This Link will describe more about This Case With DHL: