Luggage Journey

Have you ever had a check-in bag with a long-haul flight?
You know exactly where you have to go to the airport, so have you ever asked how our items of luggage travel?

In this blog, I would like to share with you about the logistic system which is using in Dubai in order to serve a million of million passengers every day.

Dubai international airport its position as world’s number 1 international airport for the fourth consecutive year with annual traffic of 88.2 million passengers in 2017. Traffic is projected to reach 90.3 million in 2018 according to initial forecast (Source: Dubai airport report). Besides that, the gateway between the East and the West such as from Asia to Europe and main gate between the Middle East and Africa, Dubai is home to one of the fastest growing cargo hubs in the world. And the last thing, Dubai International Airport is the world’s number one airport in terms of number of A380 which is the biggest plane up to now with a capacity of 868 passengers. I flew with A380 from Dubai to Germany, it actually so tremendous with several different ways to access the aircraft.

I wonder how can they save the passenger’s time as short as possible? and of course, they have to keep it safe. There are the ways they manage the handle bad in a million of million passengers.

  • The 1st step: Check-in
    A passenger needs to check in with your personal information on the airline desk, a tag will be stuck on each bag.
  • The 2nd step: Security check
    Each suitcase will be scanned to through the common check-in system for certain all stuff inside is safe and to transfer it separately by flights. It has to make sure that every package sends to the right flight.Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.04.37 PM
  • The 3rd step: Luggage traffic
    On this track, luggage goes through an inter-terminal transfer system which is under the ground without interruption.
    Individually pack carries by each tilt tray sorter.
    The speed can be reached for each tray is 7,5 meter per one second.
    A number of packages are 15,000 items per hours. Thus, approximate 80 million bags per day. That amount in Dubai is more than 1,400 times in comparison with Changi which is Singapore International airport, it can prepare for 70,000 bags/day.
  • The 4th step: Storage
    After 3 mentioned steps, luggage arranges in containers to delivery to the flight. They have an area under the passenger’s seat. Right after the flight landing, it’ll reclaim to transfer system to send back to passengers on the track.

Siemens is a provider of logistics in Dubai international airport for more than 10 years up to 2018. They have state of the art solution which adapts for specific needs.

I found out a video clip for the future proofing luggage logistic, most of the step is control by machines or robots in order to reduce labor work for workers. It’s pretty fast, convenient and safe your the check-in bags. Please have a look at this if you are interested in.

The fact that I’ve never have thought about the whole system with my check-in bags until today. For sure, next time in the airport I will try to get as much as information or material I can to understand more about the logistic system.

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