Estonia as an example of technology leader


Based in the information that we can obtain from the first sight in Google, Estonia is sovereign state in Northern Europe which obtained the independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. After the independence Estonia was plunged into the most absolute chaos but in the recent years it has been considered as a reference in the economic atmosphere. And that´s because the develop of a successful high-tech economic system which is called e-estonia. And what is exactly e-estonia?

The story that makes the Estonia government the most tech developed and in consequence  the most technological country in the world starts with the first independent government of Estonia after Soviet Union who decided to base the growth of the country in the develop of an economy based in the technology. That government put their faith in the first stages of the internet and the future of the digital era. And they were right in that decision.

Now, let´s develop some policies that Estonia’s government had implemented across the years. In 2000 Estonia was the first country to declare the Internet as a human right and introduce a paperless system where the online signature has the same value as the traditional one. That simple gesture changed everything because it proved the innecesary of the paper use and allowed the use of digital signature for opens bank accounts, pay taxes and even vote in the elections. The easy process of doing the traditional bureaucracy allows Estonians to realize most of their dealing without the need of visit any institutions, simply they have just to use their ID card to doing most of the thing from wherever they want. For example, the process of set up a new company doesn´t take more than 20 minutes what makes Estonia as one of the most entrepreneurship countries in the world and from where companies as Skype was set up.

Other examples of successful policies of Estonia government is the develop of a system called x-Road which allows to share information between institutions. Cause everything is saved online and registered in each ID the Estonians can take their medical records with them wherever they go or share their educational experience with a simple click, saving them the complicated procedures that are so common in other countries.

Another element that makes Estonia so current is their concern of the online privacy and security. That concern comes from the first stages of the country but since in 2007 they suffered a cyberattack supposedly from the Russia government after the Tallinn government decided to remove a Second World War memorial, the fear to futures attacks has never stopped growing. That why the have implemented a blockchain system and they have created the first data embassy in Luxembourg to keep all their datas safe. That technology allows security member to develop new encrypted data and make the system as invulnerable as possible.

To sum up, Estonia has achieved several accomplishments that have changed absolutely the country and move their economy from the disaster to be an extreme of digital living. But can be that example be implemented in larger countries? And even more, Estonia has proved that they have a cultural background open to changes but are there cultural barriers in other countries that make harder to implement strategies such as Estonia has done?


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