The food logistics in a hospital must be very rigorous because each patient has a different diet with different restrictions, intolerances and allergies. I am going to explain how the University Hospital of Burgos works.

On the ground floor of the building there are different rooms, each for a type of food such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc. so as not to mix them and cause problems due to allergies and intolerances. (See video, min. 1:12 to 1:40)

The meals are prepared in other room considering the diet of each patient supervised by a dietitian. Each meal is located into a cart which preserves temperature, both heat and cold. (See video, min. 2:52 to 3:15)

All the carts are sent to the corresponding floors of the hospital where the nurses can distribute the trays with the food to each patient. (See video, min. 3:15 to 3:44)

After the patients finish the meals, all the trays are in the carts again and are gone down to the ground floor again in order to clean them up. (See video, min. 3:44 to 4:34)



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