Wine logistics and transportation

Have you ever thought in the relation between the wine sector and the logistics?. Let me show you how the wine industry and logistics are intimately related. The transport of wine is part of the supply chain that includes: the vineyard, distribution, storage and transport. The evolution in wine transportation methods is generating that more longer and international routes can be made.

Like most of the cases related to the transport of food, the transport of wine needs to fulfill a series of characteristics. In particular, this liquid is sensitive to changes in temperature. The heat is a factor that especially worries all the participants in the logistics chain. The quality of the wine can be seriously affected if the proper temperature is not maintained, especially when long trips are made. In general, the transport of this merchandise is done with trucks that allow the control of the temperature.


On the other hand, packaged wine acquires another peculiarity: the danger of breakage. In general, this product is usually bottled in glass containers, although there are other possibilities such as plastic, that reduces the risk of breakage. To avoid this problem, numerous containers have been developed in order to solve this risk factor. Some of the proposed solutions are:

  • Development of bottle containers with mounting systems and screw clamping. In this way, the container can be set.
  • Filling of the gaps that occur between the pallets. It is intended to avoid movement in the goods and inclinations that may occur in transport.
  • Installation of modular roller systems to move the loads. Sliding platforms are generated that facilitate the loading and unloading of merchandise.
  • Use of adapted boxes, with special reinforcements and air cameras between bottles to prevent breakage.

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