Will the middle east be the future operations center of world logistics?

The relocation of the logistics operations centre by Nestlé highlights a couple of elements that demonstrate an upward trend today.

The first relates to the trend of large-scale operational centres towards relocation to the eastern parts of the country. In the case of Nestlé due to its globalization process and its proximity to raw materials, and the current growth trend of countries such as the United Arab Emirates.

The strategic position of countries such as the United Arab Emirates, thanks to their access to the Persian Gulf and their location midway between Asia and the West, makes them a very interesting option for the establishment of world logistics centres. This is complemented by the implementation of economic policies to attract this kind of centre by the government, which makes the Persian Gulf a very interesting option. In addition, maritime and airport infrastructures are being improved to facilitate transactions.

Another important element is related to the logistics centre per se as it is based on the latest technology and automation standards. Highlighting the trend towards computerisation of logistics processes.

This element is reflected in all types of industries. From the producers themselves to the distributors that are carrying out a process similar to Nestlé through the implementation of new digital systems ranging from picking to distribution.

And finally, the efficiency with which the process of transporting the equipment from one logistics centre to another must be highlighted. This titanic task has been carried out by Mohebi Logistic, a company focused on Middle East logistics… The task was completed quickly and efficiently without any delays or setbacks.


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