STADLER: Tram Oversea Delivery

I am currently working at STADLER, a Swiss train company with international production, locations and clients, in the After-Sales department. We are weekly sending spare parts to Germany, Israel, Norway, Spain, etc. However, what me made thinking the last month was the following media release:

“Stadler wins contract to manufacture 12 trams for the Metropolitan Train Project of Cochabamba, Bolivia”

“For the first time electric trams will be operating in Bolivia. The METELITSA type model will have a capacity of up to 200 passengers and will be in commercial service by 2020.”  

“The trams will be assembled in a European factory and, once verified, disassembled by modules and shipped to Cochabamba. The shipment of the tram modules is estimated to last one and a half month.”

The vehicle data is the following:

  • Vehicle length: 33,5 m
  • Vehicle width: 2,5 m
  • Vehicle height: 3,6 m
  • Number of sections: 3 sections



So, I was thinking how do they realise to send a product whit that size, since the whole tram is assembled in European factories.  Since the media release did not mention in how many parts they will ship the product, we can assume that they will split the tram at least in its 3 sections (11×2,5×3,6m).

I was searching further information about containers which are extra-wide and can support heavy products and I found the following construction for the specialised ship container that fits the requirements:

Seacom – Roll Trailer 40 ft / 100 ton


Dimensions (approx.):

  • Platform length: 12,4m
  • Platform width: 2,59 m
  • Capacity: max 100 tons

–> That was the only kind of container which are able to support a whole section of tram. High cube containers, which are completely closed and extra-high having one of the largest container specifications, could not fulfil the requirements of the width. Under the simplification of our requirements, STADLER would need at least 36 roll trailers in order to fulfil the oversee delivery.

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