GOI, the shipping revolution

Have you ever heard about any big company or logistic operator that is specialized in transporting heavy objects (like a fridge or a washing machine)?, probably the answer is not. That’s because, atleast in Spain, the only ones that give that service are freelancers that transport objects as their main work, but they are not united, they work for a very few clients and individually.

GOI was born from the unfulfilled demand of transporting objects between urban areas. They give a solution to all the people that needs to transport an object heavier than 40kg between different cities. They work as an intermediary between the carrier and the client, with companies and also with normal people. It is like the Blablacar of the logistic sector.

The company is less than 3 years old, but they already work with more than 30 companies, and some of them are very big ones, like IKEA or Wallapop.

GOI also has a professional carrier network in order to satisfy the demand of some important clients, sometimes they are not only an intermediary, they are also the carrier. Furthermore, the GOI carriers offer the option to set up the furniture or the object that they transported to the clients space, making a very good and satisfactory service.

But what makes their service something special and very attractive to their clients is, without any doubt, their super-low prices (example: 5€ for the transportation of a heavy object from Madrid to Alicante).

So the next time that you need to transport a heavy object to your mother’s village house or because you are moving to a new city, do not forget to use GOI’s services, they are cheap, fast and safe. Maybe that’s why they are growing strong and they are thinking about going abroad to cities like London, Berlin or Rome.


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