The 10 steps to organize a great event.

In recent times the major sporting events, whether it be Champions League final, Marathons, Olympics, etc. are based on the following points:

  1.  Ideate it, see what you want to do and where you want to go.
  2. Budget it, calculate how much it will cost us to create the event.
  3. Communicate it, this refers to communication to government entities.
  4. Marketing campaign to make it known, diffusion of the event to guarantee the maximum assistance stipulated.
  5. Attracting clients, it consists of attracting both village and private financing to carry out the event.
  6. Management of involved parties, to make a guide of the companies that will be able to work in the realization of the event.
  7. Design and programming of the event, create the event schedule. Both the assembly planning and the duration of the event itself.
  8. Set up of the event, work in the venue where the event will take place.
  9. Planning of the event and possible problems/incidences, here we are on security issues, etc.
  10. Dissemination of success, show how successful the event has been and try to spread the word that it will be repeated.


In this video he shows us the organization of protocol events.

These points can also be extrapolated to any event such as a party with friends to the World Cup football final.

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