The Path of Life´s Foundation

To survive, two things are crucial. Getting food and staying hydrated.

As a rule of thumb, you can survive 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water. The human body consists of more then 65% water and 2/3 of the muscle mass is actually water. Water is the most essential part for staying healthy and active.

People buy water automatically and almost every time in bottles. But did you ever ask yourself how the water gets into the bottle? And where does the water come from?

Now, I will give you answers to these questions based on the example of “Gerolsteiner”.

Common water is gained from ground- or surface water, but “Gerolsteiner” mineral water is obtained from 250m deep layers of dolomite found in the Vulcanic Eifel region.

Precipitation seeps down from the earth´s surface, where it runs through layers of dolomite. This special limestone rock contains calcium and magnesium, which is geologically specific to the Gerolstein region. During this process the rainwater will be filtrated, and it takes up calcium and magnesium.

Mineral water

The whole procedure takes about 50 to 100 years until the water can be gained.

The water will be pumped to daylight with the help of a well system.

After that, and a few quality controls, it will be bottled directly at the source. Followed by several further quality controls the bottles are getting sealed and labelled.

The water bottles will be packed in layers onto pallets. After the labelling of the pallets the water is ready for transport.

If you want to learn more about the logistics at Gerolsteiner view the following video:

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