The Decathlon queuing system

I have been working for Decathlon in various leadership ranks for two years so I have enough experience to speak first-hand on this subject. In this post I will talk about the queuing system currently developed by the company as well as future plans. Fact that I will link to future publications.

Currently the premise on which the customer service is based is the complete advice and full availability so that from the moment the customer enters the store until the moment he makes the purchase.

To do this, from the moment you start working for the company, you undergo training that orients you towards the objective of being able to provide personalized attention. This is complemented by a large staff that is modified by the demand. The general managers of each department must make a forecast of the number of clients that can attend each period of time based on schedules or periods associated with high demand such as back to school. And based on these studies will have the necessary staff to meet all the needs of customers

The attention of the staff is complemented by computer systems that provide all the information about any product both in the store and in the catalogue in an easy and intuitive way, without the need for the intervention of the store staff. In addition, all the staff have smartphones that collect a whole series of elements that provide useful information to satisfy the customer’s needs. Through the use of smartphones the staff can access the status of a certain product in the store and even place orders in case of absence of the order requested by the customer. In addition, it provides a useful tool for the client since with the use of the smartphone we can show him opinions concerning the product of his interest and thus help him to obtain a better opinion and help him in his decision making.

Given the availability of space, most products cannot be displayed in the store so that only sizes and samples are displayed. And in case the customer wants to have any product, all he has to do is go to the computer points or to the store staff. They can make the arrangements to carry out the process of sending the product either to the customer’s home or for collection in store in a matter of minutes.

In short, Decathlon’s queuing and customer service system aims to provide fast and efficient customer access to your product and all relevant information. In addition, it facilitates the process of sending products in case of absence in store thanks to the new computer systems available in store and that greatly facilitate all the processes.

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