Airport Queue management

Airport waiting time is stressful and can cause headache when you had 10-12 hours long flight and still have to stand in queues for another 1-2 hours. You have to stand in line for luggage checking, show travel document, immigration, go through scanning device and then to your terminal. I always have to experience this queue because I have to change 3 flights; Ahmadabad to Mumbai, Mumbai to Madrid, Madrid to Valencia.  If you have connected flight from different airport then again you have to stand in line for all this things again. The journey seems exhausted.

There is barcode system to estimate the rush of people at the choke point so that additional staff can be arranged and new queuing channels can be set. Though, this system does not give real time solution for the queues

The new BLIP systems can track the mobile phones and other devices and enable airports to track the movements of a traveler. It is installed Norwegian airports, Birmingham airport, Manchester airport, etc. BLIP system was founded in 2003, is a business intelligence company based near Aalborg, Denmark. In 2010, the queue prediction module was developed to provide airports and their passengers with accurate wait time information.


How BLIP works:

“Airports can use this information to understand things such as which parking spaces, airport entrances and services passengers use, how many people show up at airport processes, when they arrive and how long they wait,” says Christian Bugislaus Carstens, BLIP’s marketing manager. But what if personal data of the traveler reveled and misused. There is a question of security and protection of personal data. But “each mobile device has a unique MAC address which is assigned to the device during manufacturing and cannot be modified. MAC addresses do not link to any individual user data, thus personal information is not revealed, and no personal data is collected, disclosed or otherwise processed by BLIP Systems, in compliance with the EU directive about privacy” says Carstens.

One thought on “Airport Queue management”

  1. I found it interesting how you mentioned how a queuing management system can speed up wait time in airports. My son wants to get started in software development but doesn’t know what kind of software he should develop. I will be sure to pass this information on to him so he can get started with working at his dream career!

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