Queuing management system in banks

the diferentiate between banking

In our last class, we were talking about queues system, Queues or waiting lines is a general phenomenon in everyday life, queues are usually seen at post offices, bus stops, hospitals, bank.

In the banking sector or any business sector the managers trying to improve the customer satisfaction by offering the better service. Every customer waits to be served according to the length of the queue.

In the retail banking industry, queuing remains one of the most common reasons for customer disgust. Despite technological advances such as online and mobile banking, customers still complain about their bank. In general, the bank estimates it serves about 150 customers per day, customers are served in the order they arrive at the bank, the time difference between serving customers. Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for banks, it’s a big alarm sign for banks and also for the customers, the 24-hr ATM banking facility is limited in the range of services bank customers can avail of.

Queuing management systems are intelligently designed to meet the customer banking needs. Queue system offers a wide range of applications from a single line queue system to multiple lines queuing systems and allow the bank to cater wide banking services.  customer enter the virtual queue line the moment they take a ticket using a self-service kiosk, once their ticket number reaches the teller, the customer is intimated using digital signage solutions allowing them to approach the specific counter. This advanced queuing system frees customer from waiting in long queues and creates a much pleasant and favorable environment whereby the user/customer can indulge in impulse buying.

when I was working in a bank I heard a lot of customers complaints about the queuing lines, they tried to solve this problem:

  • by Added cash withdrawal commission if the customer wants to withdraw cash, to encourage the customers using ATM machines to reduce the number of customers in queues waiting for the services, also the customer mobile applications enables the customers to use most of the online services.
  • In addition open the branches in the weekend, about 5 hours in a day but in my opinion,  it wasn’t a good solution especially for the employees because they need a rest in the weekend not to work too much, in addition to that they didn’t serve all type of services in that day so it’s not a perfect solution to minimize the number of customers in queues.  hence, I want to add some comparison between Spanish banks especially Valencia and Palestine banks from my previous experience and point of view that related directly to the queuing system.
  Palestine banks Spanish banks
Working hours One shift from 8:00 AM – 4:00 Pm Two shifts morning and afternoon.
Branches One branch- two branches maximum each city More than 10 branches
ATM machines Limited between 3 ATM machines in large countries Widely spread
Online system Limited service online Almost all services can be done online even the loan
Branch services Because there are limited to branches, they offer all services in one place Every branch specializes in one-two services.
Using queuing management systems (by tickets) Available Available

All these factors are affected by the queueing system especially in banking sectors, such as limited hours, limited online services and limited spread of ATM machines.



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