During the last lesson of Logistics, we were talking about the warehouse design and store types of equipment for example (floor storage, Conventional Racking, Drive in Drive through, live storage, mobile racking) while designing the warehouse We must take into consideration the size, and height of the warehouses. And, we talked about the Material Handling Equipment’s need it to hold the products like forklift truck, Trilateral Forklift Retractable Forklift. The main objective of design the warehouses is to improve and achieve the level of service that the company expects to deliver to their customer. Also trying to minimize the operating costs.

Yesterday we visited Delikia company in Gandia, we enjoyed our visiting. The employees there were very helpful, and they explained to us how they are doing their work and the secret of their success. Their job is offering an excellent service with the fresh and top-quality of products, they offer Snacks, Coffee, cold drinks, fresh fruits, and sandwiches are the main products they serve. The presence of a highly-qualified technical team helps in solving problems that may arise and prevents possible failure in machines which are the contact interface with clients. Their customers, when facing a problem using these machines, can easily contact them by emails, WhatsApp, website, social networks or calling them by phones.

While visiting their main headquarter in Gandia and passing through the warehouse, we have seen that they use Pallet Racking systems for storing the products such as water bottles, cold drinks, juices… etc.  Each unit loaded has its location. This makes it easy to control, besides that it’s the most widely used in pallet storage systems especially when there are not enough spaces to store the products, there are 2 doors in the warehouse the first one for move in the product and the second for move out. they use the conveyor on the shelves to make it easy for moving the products first in, first out, in addition to cold rooms for foods which need specific conditions of temperature for storage. They use refrigerated Vans to save the food while transferring them to all the machines in the areas. The material handling equipment uses to move the products from the Van to their Machines is Pallet Jack.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-24 at 4.58.47 PM

Their food production factory is located in Madrid and they have a big logistics center for distribution through all Spain.Nowadays, they are establishing their new warehouse for food preparation in Gandia to make it easy to distribute for the valencian region and nearby areas.

this video will explain briefly the process of Delikia

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