Granier bakery chain



One of my favorite bakery shop in Valencia is Garnier, when you enter the shop and smell the bread you will see the shelves fresh bread, golden and crunchy. They care about their customers and offer the highest quality and the best prices. They have a large network of franchises with which to reach all people in all places and all the time 

Granier has more than 350 bakeries all around Spain with 4 product families: bakery, pastries, coffee shop, pastry shop. The company with solid experience in the bakery and that differentiate them from the competition by not using precooked bread, their manufacturing processes its long fermentation in the bakery and its elaboration in the store. The brand is committed to constant innovation and international expansion with a presence in countries such as the United States, Portugal, London, and Italy.

They make more than 50 types of pieces of bread with traditional recipes in 3 production factories located in Catalonia, Madrid, and the Canary Islands without manual labor and with the help of large bread machines.  in addition to Euro pastry plant (which manufactures croissants and pastries), with more than 11.000 m2 of facilities and their own logistics that cater to more than 350 stores.

They prepared the bread in the factories and put them on a pallet rack in storage areas and then the Bread is distributed to shops by transport trucks to be baked there, as well as the desserts.

If you walk in the morning you will find all the shops closed except one Granier from 4 o’clock in the morning all the employees start working in this shop. And suddenly you may find a Small Van Stop in front of the shop, they carry all baked bread and dessert to the shop. they start heating and baked the bread inside the shop before they opened. they put the precooked bread in the oven one behind the other, in less than 30 minutes they finish all the baking. When everything is ready they start purchasing the bread to the customers. There are no waiters only the workers behind the counter in addition to customers service alone.


In the store they arrange the bread in a remarkable way on the shelves in front of the customers, to make it easy for them to choose bread they need and to see all the types. and because the desserts And Croissants are smaller in sizes they put them in shop windows, and always have offers.

In this video, you will find something interesting about Granier until minute 3: 00.

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