The other day I was looking for tickets for Formula 1 in México, and I was thinking about all the logistics behind. When I begin to investigate, I discover that it was more complex than I imagine.

In this motorsport, logistics is a crucial element for success. The human is only half and the vehicle is the other half. In order to succeed, the vehicle needs to have the right components, at the right time, at the right place, so logistics is part of the game.

For example Ferrari, one of the most famous teams in Formula 1, is the one that expends more money in logistics to have the equipment and spare parts ready if it is needed because this can determine if they win or lose.

Formula 1 has 21 yearly races in 5 continents, the logistics include, ship, trucks, and airplanes depending on the needs, they transport entire buildings or motor homes than can include offices, bars, and restaurants and are assembled in less than 2 days. In order to make it work logistics people work months before to plan the transportation.

Normally the races are two weeks between them, but not all the time, as the teacher mentioned in class, queues can represent a problem especially at customs border, a normal day in the Mexico-US border can take up to 8 hours to cross it. Generally these teams have a special program called fast line in order to speed up the process and try to manage the time, to pass dozens of trucks.

Resultado de imagen de fila en frontera mex a us trucks

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