The Services for the convenience of the Customers in Logistics

With the birth of electronic commerce, the requirement of logistics is higher than before. More and more people choose the logistics for convenience, the logistics should help them to enjoy the life.

With the technology developing, the requirements for logistics are getting higher and higher, such as the quality of the goods, the speed about the transportation, the price about the logistics. But nowadays more and more customers value the service quality of logistics. Therefore, I would like to share with you a company named Shunfeng(abbreviated SF).

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This is a company in China and it is famous for the higher quality service and the convenience in the industry. Actually, the price of SF is higher than the other express company, however many people would like to choose it for the safety, the speed and the service from the worker.

The speed and the quality guarantee

Nowadays, like WeChat and Alipay are very popular in China. With the two applications, we can also use the service of SF. Also we can get the service through the website of SF. Through the Internet, you can choose the service that can fit your time. For example, you can choose the delivery time of the courier to pick up your goods. As long as your location has a SF office, you can make an appointment to pick up the courier. You can also choose the delivery time of your courier, such as arrive the same day or the next day, even arrive within three days. All of these are depended on your own time.

To ensure delivery time, the company will use the airline to transport these goods. At the same time, every dispatcher is responsible for one area. That should require more workers. The workers are required to go the the customers’ houses to pick up the item within two hours. By this way, you just need to wait at home, and the courier will go to your house to pick it up and when they come back, they will put some foam paper to protect the goods. Finally, they may use a box o the pallet to protect the products.

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the box of SF

The 365 Days’ Service

SF can be famous, another reason is that they can work for 365 days. As you know, China is a historic country. So there are many traditional festivals. Only SF can be service during the vacation. Once you have a need, you can call them. Although they will get less courier than diary day, you can get your service finally.

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the truck with medical resources

And during the situation now in China. When the epidemic broke out, SF assumed their responsibility to deliver medical supplies to the disaster area and across the country. At this moment, in the highway, you could only see the trucks of SF. They made a great contribution to the disaster. They can offer the service without broken. Thus, the continuing service of logistics is also very important.

The company’s unified logo

To show customers a good image, the company always use the same logo with their product. They have their own trucks, airlines, uniforms and so on. So when the people see the logo of SF, they will know that is from this company. And that will give customer a professional image. As far as I’m concerned, the image for a company is also very essential.

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the trucks of SF

In conclusion

In my opinion, the logistics would involve all aspects. This can determine whether our customers can get quality products in a timely manner. Subsequently, the speed and the quality of the goods are be required. And the customers can track the situation about their own goods on time. They will be more comfortable to make sure your goods that are in a good state. Finally, the logistics should show a professional part for their customers.

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