If the complicated logistics process is simplified

We all know that many processes are involved in the logistics process, and each process requires the assistance of humans or machines. In these processes, errors will inevitably occur, which will lead to the loss of goods, damage to packages, or long transit times. It will bring a lot of expenses to the logistics company, the cost rises.

However, can we now combine blockchain technology to achieve the decentralization of the logistics industry, so that each link is relatively independent, but stable?

First of all ,What is blackchain ?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, a technical solution for collectively maintaining a reliable database through a decentralized and de-informative approach.

From a data perspective, the blockchain is a distributed database that is almost impossible to change. The “distributed” here is not only reflected in the distributed storage of data, but also in the distributed records of data (that is, jointly maintained by system participants ).

From a technical perspective, blockchain is not a single technology, but the result of the integration of multiple technologies. These technologies are combined in a new structure to form a new way of data recording, storage and publication.

Features of the blockchain

  1. Openness and consensus
  2. Remove the center and Remove the trust
  3. The transaction is transparent and the two parties are anonymous
  4. Tamper-proof and traceable

What are the benefits of applying blockchain to the logistics industry?

  1. Ensure the safety of the goods and avoid the loss of packages by express delivery.
    – Relying on blockchain technology, it can truly and reliably record and transfer capital flows, logistics, and information flows. The logistics industry uses the basic blockchain platform to optimize resource utilization, reduce intermediate links, and improve the overall efficiency of the industry.
  2. Optimize cargo transportation routes and schedules

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