Xiaomi Inc. is a Chinese company dedicated to the design, development and sale of smartphones, apps and other electronic products, that sells in its Mi stores in China, India, Russia and Spain, and certain countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America, as well as on its website. Since the launch of its first smartphone in August 2011, Xiaomi has gained significant market share in China and expanded its product line to other electronic devices.

In 2013, the company succeeded in making the Xiaomi Mi2S, China’s most popular mobile phone, ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Apple’s iPhone 5, according to data from specialist consultancy Antutu? with a competitive and cheaper product than its competitors. In October of that same year, Xiaomi released its Mi3 model for sale, and its first 100,000 units took 86 seconds to sell over the Internet, according to the company’s findings.

Its competitors believe that Xiaomi’s pace of expansion so far is too fast, and it’s impossible to do business with those prices and it will be devoured by its own success. It was always difficult for European countries to acquire the firm’s devices because they were not officially distributed in most European countries. Will this statement be true?

Xiaomi has experienced rapid growth in terms of total sales throughout 2017, with 92.4 million units shipped, behind OPPO (111.8 million terminals) and Huawei (153.1 million units), Xiaomi ranked as the fifth largest manufacturer worldwide according to IDC data.


This dynamic growth can be seen in the Spanish smartphone sales market. As we already know, a few weeks ago they opened their third store in Barcelona, and in the next few weeks they will open their fourth store in Madrid. And this would be due to the fact that 63% of Xiaomi’s product sales are produced in Spain.


In my opinion, the Xiaomi brand has already established itself in the world market, and I only see one way to dethrone the giants Samsung and Apple. And all thanks to its more than competent prices and the quality it offers within these reduced prices.

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