covid vaccine distribution faces storage and Logistical challenges

This past week, some of my family and friends from Manila and Doha posted on social media that they had been vaccinated for covid. Some of them are the same of my age, so I wonder what are the reasons why I’m not receiving it? why in other places are delayed? I searched on the internet to know the situation in distribution and here is what I discovered…

Source: CBS Evening News

As reported by CBS Evening News, the vaccine needs to be stored in the box at a certain temperature (Pfizer: 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit) using dry ice made from carbon dioxide (CO2), which is not easy to maintain during shipping. So, for me that’s one of the gaps that caused delay in the distribution.

Above is a rich picture that highlight the issues, based on the video and my personal observation. What about you, can you think of another issues and propose a solution to fill the gap? Please write in the comment section.

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