Hello! everyone, I want to share an experience from last semester. In Research Methodology subject we were given opportunity to do research on a topic of our choice & I did my research on RFID technology in Warehouses. I will share with you my Findings during research. Lets start with ‘What is RFID technology?’

Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. An RFID tag consists of a tiny radio transponder; a radio receiver and transmitter. It is a technology for tracking the movement of goods throughout the supply chain process.

Lets see how it works in a warehouse through a video..

Some of the Major Observations During my study about RFID were:

  • Depends on the deprivation cost, the severity of error and the shrinkage recovery rate.
  • Attractive ways to improve supply chain efficiency through greater coordination between marketing and manufacturing.
  • These techniques are used for:

•- inventory management to theft detection

•- keeping track of material and maintenance tools

•- safety monitoring 

•- automation of warehouse operations

•- reliability & accuracy at best speed 

This technology is nowadays used by top logistics companies in order to simplify and fasten the process with low possibility of mistakes in supply chain management. During my research I also observed that the companies not adapting to IOT are facing challenge of sustainability in the market.

I would appreciate your experiences and comments related to RFID technology, do share your knowledge.

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