A greener Future for the aviation sector (flying-V)

Image source: Google images

Electric and hybrid-electric propulsion is rapidly revolutionizing mobility technologies across industries, from automotive to marine and the aviation industry is no exception (Airbus, 2021).

According to the ICAO in its blog “Future of Aviation“, in 2017, airlines worldwide carried around 4.1 billion passengers. They transported 56 million tones of freight on 37 million commercial flights. Every day, airplanes transport over 10 million passengers and around USD 18 billion worth of goods.

This represents the significant economic impact of aviation on the world economy, since aviation represents 3.5 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) worldwide (2.7 trillion US dollars) and has created 65 million jobs globally, (ICAO, 2021).

However, all this transportation activities have a major impact in the environment, since its source of power is fossil fuel. This releases a considerably high amount of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, and as a consequence it increases global warming.

For this reason some companies have already started developing new technologies in order to create electric airplanes that can transport these goods in a more efficient and greener way. This is the case of the model Flying-V. A group of engineers have been working on this new model of electric commercial airplane, and their first test have been successful, here is a short video that shows this innovation.

This project have been developed in collaboration with three big companies (Airbus, TU Delft y KLM) that have adopted an open innovation business model to create this new amazing aircraft. Innovations like this one will definitely impact the logistics industry in very positive way.

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