Logistic solutions in supermarkets during coronavirus

The Coronavirus has triggered a crisis state that has stoped companies activity and it has confined people. Only the companies of some sectors are working properly. Supermarkets are one of them. They have seen a increase of earnings due to social alarm and the closing of others business.

Because of this situation they have taken actions to deal with. We find actions such as they have limited the maximun custmer number inside the supermarkets or they have given priority to elders to buy and others such as the stop of delivery orders and the reduction of schedule arguing they want to offer the best service.


But, really one of the most important reasons is they weren’table to satisfy four times the demand they had before the crisis with the same staff and they were forced to carry out those actions because they had to replenish supermarkets with the same workforce. Furthermore, customers go earlier to supermarket because they are scared and they want to find what they want. The consecuence is if basic products run out early, it won’t be clients after and they prefer to close two hours before.

Resultado de imagen de sin papel en supermercados

I ask… Do you think it will be problems with supermarket supplying?

One thought on “Logistic solutions in supermarkets during coronavirus”

  1. Hi Aitor! Really interesting your post. Regarding to your question, I think supermarkets will continue facing supply problems because people is still doing panic shopping and are buying a lot. Today, in Italy some supermarkets experience pillages and this will affect also de supply, because of the overdemand.

    In general, there will be a point in which companies will also catch up with the demand and there won´t be major issues, a lot of supermarkets are hiring new employees in order to sastify the demand in stores and more drivers to transport the products.

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