Variability in PRODUCTS demand during coronavirus

Last class, we were talking about how do supermarkets predict the demand… Since this crisis started it has been very difficult to predict and satisfy the demand of some products for companies in spite of there are a lot of similarities between different countries.

We know different products that has highlighted from the rest such as toilet paper or alcoholic gel. But why have it happened? I have found a report that explain this. People make copulsive purchases because in time of crisis we change our habits. In this situation, we get stressed and we want to get control of the situation, we do what our neightbours do. This time, because of the crisis is related to health we buy hygienic products to feel we will cleaned as far as possible.

But, once we get all and enough basics and fear disappears because we assume the situation, we come to racional people. For example,
beer buying has skyrocketed almost 80% last days.

Entre los productos cuyo consumo se incrementa están la cerveza (+78%).

So, could they have predicted the demand with artificial intelligence? Could it predict the next high demanded product?

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