the supermarkets in spain are currently facing severe delivery problems–they have chosen the different distribution network

Recently in Spain, the coronavirus spreads very quickly and the government has token some measures to control the situation just like the citizen can not leave home unless they have some reasons, such as walk the dog, buy daily necessities and so on. All the people have been told that “quédate en casa”. Many people obey this policy and they do not want to leave home. The supermarkets also have the limitation about the quantity of the customer in the same time. So sometimes customers need to stand in long lines. The waiting time also increases. Moreover, if you go to the supermarket too late, you may can not get the fresh meat, they are totally out of stock. Based on these three main reasons, the customers would like to order the necessities via Internet. It’s convenient and can reduce the risk of leaving home.

Many supermarkets have the responsibility to meet the demands of the customers. Usually, the supermarkets have the distribution network “manufacturer storage with direct shipping and in-transit merge, like Consum has the policy to deliver the goods to house that will need 7 euros. Mercadona needs 7.21euros for delivery service. About LIDL, every product needs 3.99 euros. All these supermarkets can provide the goods at the same day once you can get the opportunity. Suddenly, the demands of the carriers increased. They supermarkets are facing problem to delivery to home for customers. As for keeping the service, Mercadona has stopped the service in the Internet. They are concentrated on the off-line service.

With the problem, there are many profits in the marketing. We need to improve the situation while we need to take social responsibility. In my opinion, we can take some measures to solve the problem. First, the supermarkets could corporate with Glovo that is a platform to deliver food to home. Then, the supermarkets could strengthen the information infrastructure and renew the inventory on time and delivery them on time with the part-time workers. Finally, to reduce the waiting time to look for the product, they could use the “customer pickup”. The supermarkets could accept the order from the Internet o call, the customers could pickup in the store that can reduce the cost of transportation, though that could hurt the customer experience.

We are in a difficult situation. Ensuring the supply of basic living materials will make residents more confident and it can help to guarantee the order of society. The time of suffering will eventually pass! The delivery is essential factor in this environment that can help a lot!

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