Intelligent supply chain

JINGDONG has demonstrated the distinct advantages of “new infrastructure construction” represented by digitalization, which not only ensures the supply of materials in the epidemic area and supports the safe operation of a large number of medical institutions, but also opens the mode of contactless distribution in advance.

In the future, intelligent supply chain can integrate supply, production, marketing and sales in an efficient way, and can use data to accurately match resources. In layman’s terms, what you need is an idea that can be produced and delivered quickly through an intelligent supply chain. Don’t think this is a fantasy, about this, JINGDONG has had a preliminary attempt.

The “digital supply chain” under the self-run logistics mode can not only serve its own business development and improve user experience, but also help a large number of traditional enterprises to break through the difficulties caused by the epidemic and carry out digital transformation. Meanwhile, it can provide enterprises with abundant and cost-effective material support and multi-scene services. Of course, for every batch of businesses that survive, there are millions of families behind them with a source of income.

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