MERCADONA’S Inventory Control during state of emergency

Since COVID 19 has aggressively reach Spain, Mercadona, and others, have been, quite often, running out of stock, after couple of ours of being opened. Poultry, fruits and primary food shelves are emptied due to people over buying and stocking its places. Shelves are left unfilled during the day.

Reconciling, has become a primary task for Mercadona, and they have to carefully increment the review period every day in order to fill shelves at the prior present, but having in mind the safety stock, in local warehouse or transit – overseas and mainland – that they hold will be enough for the coming weeks.  

Holding cost has reduced, but set up and acquisition cost has risen; 20 % of salary increment due to the effort placed by the servers and more much for emergency acquisition orders. Even though Juan Roig has announced that Mercadona has enough goods and won’t be stockout, people still complaining for empty and unfilled shelves.

Stock and logistics managers are facing hard-hitting time to solve complains, whether clients are right by complaining, without fully understand the situation, or overwhelmed with the crisis; will be judged, as preferred supermarket, at the near future by its chiefs, as Mercadona call its clients.

One thought on “MERCADONA’S Inventory Control during state of emergency”

  1. Really interesting your post, I have seen in the the news that Mercadona is doubling the number of trucks in each store in order to satisfy the current demand, but this is not sustainable, people must stop doing panic shopping. In Madrid, police has intervened due to the caos and grocery stores are implementing policies to try to limit the number of items clients can buy, so there would be enough for everyone.

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