Logistics and express delivery: the crisis and the opportunity under the Corona Virus

At the critical moment of fighting against the CORONA VIRUS, many citizens had to choose the consumption method of “staying indoors”.

SHUNFENG as a China famous express company.The scientific and technological strength of sf express is also demonstrated in the transportation of anti-epidemic materials. Sf ark uav joined in the delivery of epidemic prevention materials to local hospitals in wuhan, demonstrating the effectiveness of effectively eliminating the impact of road restrictions and community closure, reducing the delivery time and delivering emergency supplies to designated places in the shortest time. Meanwhile, the delivery of uav can effectively avoid the face-to-face contact between delivery personnel and medical personnel and avoid cross-infection. Since its first flight to jinyintan on Feb. 12, sf express has been increasing the number and routes of drones to coordinate the delivery of relief supplies in wuhan.

In addition to the full cargo transport, sf express international is also committed to transport from overseas organizations, enterprises and Chinese enterprises and individuals sent to the domestic medical supplies. Because the outbreak caused the Spring Festival suspension of the international airlines can not resume normal flights, this to the purchasing country Foreign medical supplies caused great difficulties. In this special case, sf on February 14 emergency resumption of the European freight route. On the one hand, it provides international supply chain transportation support for the delivery of medical materials. On the other hand, it will restore the supply chain for consumer electronics exports to Europe, which will be operated by sf airlines’ current largest aircraft, the b747-400erf, with a maximum capacity of 110 tonnes per flight.

In the short term, the epidemic has had a huge impact on the Courier industry in terms of orders, labor and delivery. However, although the epidemic has affected the short-term benefits of express delivery enterprises, it has not affected the intrinsic value of express delivery enterprises. On the contrary, the outbreak has raised consumers’ awareness of the importance of express delivery, which will help increase the penetration rate of online shopping, from which express delivery companies will benefit.

The continued spread of the epidemic has seriously hindered People’s Daily life. Outdoor activities have been canceled and most people are confined to their homes, but daily necessities are essential, which means the outbreak will cause a surge in demand for online shopping and express delivery.

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