The Australian company SwarmFarm developed a robot that can “scan” fruit trees, especially apple trees. The machine was conceived by SwarmFarm together with Green Atlas, a company specializing in fruit plantation management.

The robot can do autonomous flower counting and precision thinning operations on apple crops.

Some advantages of logistics in cultivation

By automating the entire cultivation process and collecting the largest set of production data, agricultural production will be drastically improved and cleaner and fresher products will be obtained.

In addition to ensuring that each plant grows in the best way from planting to harvest, this type of farm will provide local communities with the most demanded varieties of edible vegetables and herbs, very fresh and throughout the year, regardless of the limitations of seasonality and price fluctuations

By developing an autonomous system of mapping flowers and plants, combined with precision spraying operations “tree by tree”, it is possible to uniquely manage applications to precisely focus the variation within a plantation

Through this technology and logistics, they aspire to solve the three main concerns that are generally transmitted by the farmers who are part of the development of this system: the shortage of labour, the instability of the climate and the long distances that the products had to travel from the place from production to consumption.

It is here that I would like to mention on the subject of the last class “the Queue “, it is true, there are certain strategies and ways to prevent waiting lines from forming, as the professor mentioned, the rows are not necessarily reflected in people standing waiting in a physical place the wait may be given as in this case, one of the farmers’ concerns; the distances that have to travel a product and waiting for distributors or end customers for sale or marketing. In this case, with the machine that reads trees, one of the main objectives is to anticipate negative results due to climate change and avoid delays that may be caused by labour and other factors, resulting in queueing by the final consumer.

Nowadays the speed of the logistics incorporated with the technology and the cost is extremely important, so companies and producers are able to be competitive and be adapted to the speed of satisfaction that this new century demands.

In this link you can see more information regarding the changes that robots are making in agriculture.



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