Can bulls and cows fly?

Did you know that… Paraguay competes for international markets with livestock powers such as Australia, India, the United States and New Zealand. This sector is growing more and more. Paraguay has 14.3 million head of cattle, more than double that of the country’s habitants, and the investment of large producers in the last 30 years to improve the genetics of highly adaptable breeds has made it attractive to other countries as they must replenish or improve their bovine cabin.

That is why Ecuador set its sights on Paraguay, the country put cows to fly!! Almost 2,000 heads of cattle boarded to Ecuador, a country that is starting in the export market after the country’s declaration as FMD( Foot-and-Mouth Disease) free. Never before has an air transport of such volume been carried out: 50 bulls and 1,906 cows. About 680 tons of the finest animals of the four most prestigious breeds in Paraguay: braford, brangus, brahman and nelore.

This if we saw years ago you could say that it was something unthinkable, the transfer of animals by air is another proof of the importance of logistics for the production of raw material and its expansion. Today we can say that we are all connected and that nothing is impossible, the expansion of many countries and needs are covered thanks to efficient, fast and technology transfer. As we had mentioned in class, everything in our environment is logistics, it is part of our day to day.

While in my country I was able to participate in a part of the negotiation of the exportation of animals, initially the only thing that was in concern was in the fastest and easiest way they could do it so that the animals could reach their final destination. The most important thing that was discussed was the price and speed of travel. In several international meetings and concessions, they reached an agreement, when they told me that the agreement was to fly the bulls and cows, it was honestly nothing credible, but yes …

Animals can also fly!

Here is a link where you can see part of the experience of flying bulls and cows!!

Other animals / horses:

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