Autonomous transport vehicle?

That’s right, better known as Volvo Vera, totally electric and autonomous concept for companies that need transportation on a permanent basis in their fixed terminals.

How does it work?

Each of these vehicles is connected to a control center, where the progress of each transport and its measurements such as battery charge, load content, service requirements and other parameters are continuously monitored. From this same control center, the speed and progress of the operations are adapted in order not to have delays or contingency situations so that the operation is efficient.

The vehicles that operate on the same route, cooperate with each other, in order to optimize the delivery and create an optimum flow. All the vehicles are designed to be able to locate their position every moment with millimeter precision, they control the operations with details, analyze what is happening outside on the road with sensors and respond with accuracy.

The system allows greater flexibility and productivity, with greater precision in deliveries in places such as ports and large logistics centers including intermodal terminals. Currently, the needs of the logistics and transport sector, demand solutions that guarantee the continuous flow of goods at the same time, seeking protection of the environment.

The future

Volvo Trucks with its Vera concept, in which automation, content and electro mobility technologies are developed, is aimed at habitual and repetitive operations that contemplate short distances, large volumes and high precision in delivery. Although it is currently a concept, it is the beginning of a new Hera in terms of autonomy and electro mobility in large-scale logistics centers.

For Volvo, the intent is to offer its customers transport solutions without problems and concerns.

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