After Friday’s class talking about warehousing and its design I decided to investigate, as an electronic engineer, about automated warehouse’s design.

I found a really interesting company, AR Racking, which is specialized in designing, manufacturing, calculating, and installing industrial storage systems for heavy loads.

One of its storages systems is the automated warehouse for heavy loads with automated access to unit loads too. They difference two types of automated storage:

  • Automated pallet warehouses
  • Automated warehouses for cartons

The second one it has drawn my attention, they have a particular storage system for mini loads related with cartons.
The mini load automated storage system is the optimal solution for the storage of light and small unit loads with high stock turnover ratios. The system is using automated stacker crane mechanisms to handle loads, offering high performance and reduced carton storage and handling times.

Its system is based on reducing operational isolation and maximizing floor and height space to be considered high density.

Reliability allows the daily inventory of stored products and minimizes errors when handling loads.

The advantages that I can see of this automated warehouse design are:

  • The great density of storage
  • The storage in different heights
  • Ease of the warehouse expanding up to a lot of meters high
  • Handling large weights

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