Flower Logistics

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Germany. And since I am in Spain for a half year I can’t celebrate this day with my mom. But nevertheless, I want to make her happy and therefore send her a little present.

Sending a bouquet of flowers seems therefore a very good option.

If you are searching for the possibility of sending flowers directly to a person, countless of different websites offering exactly this option and that not without reason. More than 22% of all Germans are buying flowers over the internet. The price for these flowers are obviously much more expensive than buying directly at a florist, but the online shops know that people which buy flowers over the internet have no other choice and will pay the higher price.


The basics are always the same.

One possibility is to choose between different occasions like Birthday, Mother’s Day, Bereavement, Gratulations, to find a bouquet suitable for the corresponding event.

Once you have chosen the perfect bouquet of flowers, you can choose the size between small, medium and large.

After your decision you have the possibility to add extras, like a greeting card, chocolate, wine, champagne or a teddy bear.

After the online shop received your order and your payment, they will forward this order to a florist near the address of the recipient.

The florist will then create the bouquet of flowers with the descriptions of the internet, so the bunch is as close as possible to the expectations of the customer and since the customer indicate the exact date of the delivery, the florist will try to deliver the order close to this date. Variations plus or minus 1 day are hereby possible.

In my opinion these online shops for the delivery of flowers are a great possibility to give other people a little joy when you can not be there.

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