Logistics behind the Internet

When we think about logistics, we always think about product flow.. but what about information flow?

Currently, smartphones with 4G and Wifi have managed that, when we think about the Internet, we see a Wireless network, like if it works with magic. But, of course, it isn’t. Maybe we could have this perception, just like in my last post the magic of cinema, but behind this are physical cables that allows us to use this service. Thousand and thousand of km of cables that interconnect the whole world and allow us to use the Internet, play online games such as Fortnite (I like it), keep you social networks updated or read this super nice post, among others.

You can check all this connection here , a webpage where a map with all new connections is updated daily.

However, this technology is not new. The first cable started to be installed in 1854 and finished in 1866. The first message send with this cable was a letter from Queen Victory to EEUU president, needing 16h to finish the trip.

This cables has a average life of 25 years. In the end, they are exposed to many external factors, so it could be damaged or broken due to coral, finishing boats, or natural factors that affect them, for instance this could happen:

Sharks could break your Internet connexion!!!

However, the current improvements make possible to extend their useful life. The use of new materials and technologies has made possible for old cables to achieve speeds of 50 Tbps.

How are this cables installed?


First of all, they moore the cable from the cable-laying vessel that is anchored near the coast to the shore by a team of divers who will take the cable to make its connection. The cable is buried for connection and “exits” a long way from the shore.

Once moored, a boat transports the cable perfectly rolled up so it can be installed without problems during the trip. Broadly speaking, the ship is “posing” on the ocean floor, controlling possible accidents, especially in fishing areas. Normally, most of the journey finishes without problems.

Some new research have get quantum communications in water, would this new technology  or satellites (even they are not as fast as cables) subtitute the current technology? We will see…

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