Emotional waiting time

For the very last blog, once more time, I would like to come back with queuing because it happens to me almost every. However, the line will not mention, I want to share about the emotion and how to decrease the temperature with people who are bearing with that.

Based on New York Times’s article (by Alex Stone, published on 18 August 2012), occupied time (walking to baggage claim) feels shorter than unoccupied time (standing at the carousel), additionally, research on average, people overestimate how long they’ve waited in a line by about 36%.
They have several ways to make clients in the queue feel less stress, however adding a mirror is the most effective method with a reasonable price to do it due to the flowing reasons:

  • People love to look at themselves. For instance, in a hurried morning, a quick lipstick on lips, which make a lay feel happier, or put a tie on the right position helps a gentleman to feel more confident.
  • It helps to alleviate the negative feelings that often accompany waiting. Mirrors in an elevator can ever be turned into something fun, as these shows.
  • The placement of mirrors helps someone in a wheelchair to back in or out of the lift safety without having to turn.
  • Many people suffer from claustrophobia, which means fear of being in small or closed space from which they feel they cannot escape. In architecture field, a mirror always adds a sense of more space, thus making it feel less cramped and small and helping to avoid feelings of being trapped.
  • And the last thing, we feel good when somebody else ooks worse in the mirror :-p


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