The magic of cinema

Few days ago, I went to the cinema to watch The avengers: Infinity War. After watching the movie (highly recommended, by the way) I wondered how the logistics in the cinema industry affects the success or failure of the project.

It seems really difficult to produce a film and it requires a high number of workers engaged with the project and a high quantity of resources.

Logistics processes start well in advance of the start of the recording of the film, and in that moment is when you see if they have done a good job of planning and execution or not. It is crucial to be able to produce the film and, if everything works properly, there are no waste of money that would supposed the stop of filming.

The most relevant process that affect cinema logistics are:

  • Transport: I believe that transport is one of the essential processes. You have to take the electrical equipment, cameras, sets, food or tents to accommodate the actors from one location to another, having to meet delivery times that sometimes I suppose will be minimal, with the need for no delay in delivery because any delay will imply the stop of the filming process and, consequently, money.
  • Stock control: All the necessary elements must be available for the development of the film and for the setting of the sets and exteriors so that the espectator, when watching the film, can move to the time or moment the film wants to take us.
  • Manipulation: The processes of handling the preparation of materials for filming, loading, unloading, etc. are continuous and must be perfectly coordinated in terms of time and resources to avoid delays.

So, imagine the difficulties of big productions, where many of the action scenes are filmed in different countries, with all that implies in terms of logistics.

To conclude with, everyone admires actors ans actresses that appear in the film, but people involved in the whole process are the real cause of making the production of the film possible.

Here, you can see some nice videos, that I find amazing, about some processes needed to make some films, that shows all the logistics work, among others.



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