Is this the future of package delivery?

On April 25th amazon announced their new partnership with Volvo and General Motors regarding package delivery. Why did amazon started this partnership and what is the concept behind this way of delivery and even more important can this new concept become a standard in package delivery, anyway amazon believes in it!
Already in 2016 Volvo started in Sweden with their in-car delivery services. The concept is simple and works as followed:

1. Register online on for a Volvo ID
2. Shop online at one of the appointed partners of Volvo
3. Choose the delivery option, “Volvo in-car delivery”
4. Get the goods delivered to your car
a. You can decide the time and place for delivery
b. Delivery partners receive a temporal digital key to access the trunk, without you needing to be at the car
5. Customer can track and trace their delivery on the Volvo app


Eventually Volvo states that customers can save time and avoid extensive planning of the day around a delivery which makes life easier. At this moment these services are only available in Sweden and Switzerland. However we can expect after announcing the partnership with amazon that this services will be rolled out all over the world.
As I can expect you might think, is this safe? Can someone access my car without the owner to be there? As we all know every product is getting more digital and connected to internet services, cars are already a driving internet hub and is connected always and anywhere. You can already access cars just by using your app. This is also the concept for in-car delivery, however at this point certified delivery personnel get a temporary access key to the car which expertise within a couple of minutes so they can only open once in a certain period of time.

The main goal for amazon in this case is to create way more convenience for package delivery because their core business model relies on that. They focus on faster, easier, anytime delivery. And in-car delivery can provide customers and amazon these benefits.
However will this be the future? I want to put some doubts on the claims made by Volvo Amazon which might be food for thought. How easy hackable are these systems to get access to the trunk or car? And is it possible to create a efficient sustainable business model around this delivery, because eventually you have to follow your customer more real time, is that possible if you have way more deliveries during that day? All in all at this moment this development is still in the begin phase of massive roll out. But if amazon invest in its we can state their will be some future prospectives.

Would you use it?

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