Where do we start? – QUESTION

After almost 3 month of logistics class we have seen so many different topics, theory, methods, and information regarding how we can have the best practices of logistics, In my opinion I find this subject very interesting because it’s challenging for me to keep up with all the lessons and try to replicate the excels afterwards (which I find it very difficult) but what I have concluded of all the classes we had is that there is not a correct solution to a situation, there can be many solutions and all of them are correct, it al depends on the situation and the objectives of each business.

But how do we know, whats the best solution? Does it always depend on the option of the lowest price? Does it depend what the client wants?

Taking into consideration the Dulce o Truco task, I imagine myself as a consultant and the firm hire us to manage to all the layout of the logistics process, my team and I always have the same question before doing a logistics task. Where do we start?

What do we have to think first? there are so many topics that my team doesn’t know exactly where to start, they wonder if there’s a standard path to begin with to solve such a wide task, I would like to share what I think it’s an easy way to start.

Where to start?

I think we must start from the end to the beginning in the supply chain process, we need to answer simple questions first.


I know that there can be many other questions regarding each part of the process, but if we start with this basic three questions, we can start designing the layout of each process and further the layout of the hole logistics process.

If someone considers I’m wrong or that I’m missing some basic important information, feel free to complement my answer. 😊

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