The historical Roots of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Apart from actually being a part of life ever since humans exist, logistics, like many other things (e.g. computers), has its “professional” roots in the military and in particular in the military of ancient Rome. (


Since the logistic corps is neither directly involved in fighting battles nor present on the frontline, it is sometimes smiled at by the other branches of the military, especially by the infantry. However, if you would stop to think about it for a minute, you and every soldier would quickly realize that the logistics corps is actually what keeps the wheels turning in every branch of the military. Without logistics the infantry would not have any ammunition for their weapons they would not have any food or water and as a matter of fact they would not even be at the location they are supposed to be. This underlines the importance of the logistics corps within the military because without it not a single soldier would be able to perform his or her job. So instead of smiling at it, every soldier should be thankful for the logistics corps.

The logistics corps is responsible for the “…acquisition, allocation, preparation, transport and storage of the numerous supplies and materials needed to conduct Military operations.”. (

This not only includes vehicles, weapons and ammunition but also food, medicine, spare parts for all the other equipment and of course, in terms of transport, the soldiers themselves. Based on this, one could argue that the logistics corps is more or less the backbone of the military in general and without it, no military would be able to conduct any deployment and operation which would render it useless. This should, once again, prove the importance of logistics, not only for the military, but also in general.


The following video gives you a small insight at the logistics of the British military:

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