A new way for distributing letters

Last month was tested in Sevilla an assited pedal tricycle for the distribution of mail packages.  The objective of this test was to check if the vehicle is viable, with a view to its possible use in certain parts of the country.

triciclo Correos para el reparto urbano

From my point of view, this idea would be really useful in Valencia due to the fact that now we have bike lanes, which connect every single point of the city.  Taking into account that Valencia is a very saturated city in terms of vehicles, the postmen would be more efficient if they could avoid the regular traffic jam.  Furthermore, this technique is focused on a higher respect of the environment because it helps for the reduction of pollution and the CO2 emissions.  Once implemented, then maybe some improves could be done, like to extend battery life or to increase the size of the trunk, but always listening to the workers’ opinion.  

At the end, society is turning back to previos times when cars were not almost used, or even were not invented, and it is due to the massive consume of everything that nowadays we do.



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