Logistics with Freight Forwarders

A freight forwarder mainly acts to manage the transits of international products so that once they have been unloaded, they make the journey to their final destination.

Being transportation one of the principal functions for developing a logistics program, a freight forwarder acting as an intermediator between the shipper and the consignee their main objective is to optimize through the standardization of transport and
integrate processes and costs that in turn can also act as a consolidator, grouping the merchandise or cargo to monetize the transport of a container or other cargo unit.

In this order, this type of industry allows to assist in the preparation of the shipment, suggested prices on the costs of the air or port charges, consular fees, costs of special documentation and insurance, among other variables.

They can also recommend packaging methods that will protect the merchandise during transit, and if the exporter so requests, they can reserve the space required on a ship, plane, train or truck.

In the economic aspect, freight forwarders can boost trade between economies at very different stages of development because they can avoid artificial barriers that delay delivery and increase the cost to the end customer.

The video presents an example explaining how a freight forwarder works, the services they offer in order to help logistics clients to manage merchandise.





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