ZAL Port (Zona de Actividades Logísticas in Spanish) is the intermodal logistic platform of Barcelona’s port, it was the first one to be built in Spain and it works as a logistics HUB for all kinds of merchandise coming from the Far East, southeastern Asia, Spain, Portugal, France, and Northern Africa. It is located 2 km away from the Prat Airport. With more than 100 companies operating in 635.000 square meters, which in the next years are going to be complemented with another 450.000 square meters, this platform drives the economy through efficiency and high value logistics.

Carrefour inaugurated this may 22 a cold storage in the ZAL Port constructed by CILSA which is the partnership that manages the ZAL Port with an investment over 12 million euros. The installation is 18.200 square meters and it is entirely dedicated to freezing and refrigeration, and will allow the rapid distribution to the chains locations. The company also has a storage in the ZAL Port of 45.000 square meters.

Carrefour built this cold storage in order to improve productivity and respond to the customer’s needs, which for they also have stores located in the center of the cities and neighborhoods, installations in the perimeter and online store, to adapt to whatever environment the client is immersed in.


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