Mercadona: XXI century warehouse

Mercadona is a company that with its methods, administration, logistics and others has achieved the success it currently has, being the example to follow not only for many companies, but also that has been taken as a case study in universities.

Now I want to talk about the store of the 21st century as it is known. Looking for a better manner that its employees make the least possible effort and this causes fatigue, in the logistics center located in Ciempozuelos, Madrid, the whole process is automated.

What has been achieved with the new software is that the machine is able to depaletizar the shipments of the manufacturers and organize the orders for the stores in multi-reference pallets without the need for the employees have to be loading them.

With this, Mercadona not only has reduced the organize pallets’ time from 45 to 12 minutes, also has reduced work accidents because employees don’t have to carry anything.

In this center there are 4 buildings: dry, cold, containers and services. In the cold one there’re 3 temperature but one of them (-23) is totally automatic because is so difficult if not impossible for a human being there.

Here a video that most of you have seen in JP’s presentation but for those that haven’t watch it:



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