How many of you had a bad experience with a delivery company? Maybe because you were waiting for a long time due to the deliveryman was delayed.  In order to improve the customer experience, the companies take advantage of this fact stablishing a new service for collecting orders, the installation of collecting points in strategic positions of the cities.

Amazon is one of these firms, concretely its new service is named Amazon Locker Service and according to them you can receive orders at secure locations. Concretely, during the purchase process the client can choose the delivering in a specific Amazon Locker with no additional cost.

The process as simple as this, the client inserts the code sent to you by email or scans the bar code given, then a door is opened and he/she picks the package. You can watch the video explanation of Amazon below.

Additionally, this picking places can be useful when you want to return your product making comfortable this arduous task.


However, there are a lot of companies using similar services as Correos or UPS as you can see in the pictures attached. However, the only disadvantage I have to say is this service usually is only available for small packages.

Concluding, this new service can improve the costumer experience of purchasing online because can reduce the clients awareness of order received. In addition, the delivery companies reduce the spending time to deliver packages concentrating a few in the same location.


  1. Good job. It is the same in Valencia with the clothes. Is recycled and then distributed to the most needy.

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